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Company I, 14th Regiment, 1896 Reunion
Reunion held September 2, 1896 at  Dr. J.B. Moseley House in Lowndesville, S.C.

Front row, left to right: Marshall Hill, William Campbell, James Blanchet, Charles Loafer, Whit McCurry,
Obe Cann, W.R. White(Captain), Albert Baker, Sam Hall  
 (Note: three men in hats were said to be veterans, but members of another company.
2nd row, left to right: Hut Loftis, Mat Barnes, Joe Bowen, Press B. Suber, Stewart Cann, Martin Campbell
3rd row, left to right: Jacob Alewine, Gus Sutherland, George Morrow, Tom Stuckel, unidentified veteran, William D. Mann
4th row, left to right: Thomas A. Carter, M.T. Hutchison(Lt.), Bowman Patterson, Sam Christopher, J.B. Moseley(Dr.), J.J. Hardy, Jim Hampton
5th row, left to right: John McCoppin(Cook), I.H.McCalla, Mrs. W.R. White(who presented the unit colors in 1861), E.W. Harper, General T.W. Carwile(speaker for the day), J.E. Brownlee(Sergeant)

This photo and information graciously provided by John Lawrence, Olde Abbeville Camp #39